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Maurizio Time, Italian Exclusive Handmade Watch Winders.


Founded in 2018 at Bassano del Grappa near Vicenza by husband-and-wife duo Maurizio Confortin and Laura Bernardi, Maurizio Time embodies the delicate balance between creativity and precision, handcrafting traditions and modern technologies. Confortin’s extensive studies in art and architecture in Venice and professional work in interior design inform his artistic approach and the brand’s distinctive design identity.


Italy has a long and renowned tradition in the field of luxury. Maurizio Time is a young reality with the aim of being the Italian reference point in the high-end luxury watch winders sector.


Traditional craftsmanship has always distinguished Italy, for the search of beauty, for its pioneering spirit, and for its openness to multiple cultures.

The brand conveys these values, which have made our country famous and international over centuries.

Entirely crafted in Italy by expert artisans, all Maurizio Time pieces are made in small production series to ensure the highest quality standards and meticulous finishing details.

The peculiarity of these watch winders is the elegance, the original design able to make décor and the use of unique materials and finally the revolving technical heart, that is managed by MT MOVEMENT®, a proprietary rotation system designed by technical engineers to recreate the natural movement of the wrist, that charge the watch in the precise way.

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