A mega yacht

Michael Aram is an award-winning artist who has dedicated his career to innovative, craft-based design. Trained as a painter, sculptor, and art historian, Aram now applies his background to the decorative arts, producing unique pieces of home decor, jewellery, and sculpture. Nature is his biggest muse, as is the handmade process. Lyrical and often witty, his work encompasses a wide range of media, revealing a rich and variant source of inspiration – nature, narrative storytelling, and purified form.


  • At Michael Aram, we pledge to:
    • Craft original andexciting objects which inspire our collectors and elevate the everyday
    • Make pieces with love and care that will stand the test of time to be treasured for generations
    • Use the finest materials and techniques in our highly original work
    • Strive to achieve best practices to deliver excellent customer service in a highly professional environment

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