Mepra was created in 1947 by the Prandelli brothers from Italy, the first factory

to produce 18/10 stainless steel flatware in Lumezzane. Throughout

the new generations, the Prandelli family has been actively engaged

in pursuing this passion: Our creations are found on the tables of the

most prestigious hotels and restaurants in the world.


Thanks to a unique Made in Italy treatment of the steel, we give cutlery

a vintage look. The typical irregularities due to the treatment

makes each piece unique, never the same and impossible to replicate.

Handcraft Art

Passion for Beauty cannot be totally industrial. For Mepra, true industry

means the most sophisticated technologies at the service of

the artisan who ultimately decides, remodels, crafts, forges and

makes each product unique. No Mepra product can exist without the

heart of who create it.

High Technology At Mepra

All these years have not passed in vain. Everyday, skilled

craftsmen and qualified engineers experiment and research, using

their time to improve and innovate, in search of what on paper looks

impossible to achieve.



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