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The Yachting Industry is a small niche and a unique world on its own.
I had the project  of “The Stewardess Corner ” blog & website on the back of my mind for few years, on my last job I was dealing with so much shopping for my bosses , taking care of their Yacht but also 5 others residences, I did also helped out the nannies with their purchases, dealing also with staff & crew from different nationalities. I realized how difficult it is for foreigners working overseas  to make their purchases while trying to focus on their daily work at the same time.
The creation of this project  is my small contribution back to an industry that has given me a lot: lifestyle, a way to earn money while traveling but it is also an amazing human adventure who had taught me a lot about others and myself.
Through my 30 years career in the hospitality & luxury sector, I have been in contact with different suppliers of luxury brands who told me at different occasions that they rarely know who their end clients are. So I thought of a way to built a bridge through a website between  the customers & the brands  but focusing only on interior decoration products for villas, yachts, jets.
The Stewardess Corner is dedicated to the world travelers working on Yachts, Villas, Private Jets and who are always aiming to deliver the best service and find the perfect items to provide the ultimate comfort.
While I did not want to commit to make a business out of “the Stewardess Corner ” because I was still working, I have decided in 2020 to be part of the first season of  Yachting Ventures, a start up accelerator program. This is when Katherine the Founder of Boatique and I, met.
Since we have finished this program we have been in touch several times and I have decided to be part of her team Boatique.
We are sharing very similar views & positive energy towards a new way of purchasing products aiming to facilitate the crew with their work sourcing products they need for their boat & their guests.

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