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Acqua dell’Elba was born from the love the three founders have for their homeland. Fabio  Murzi, his sister Chiara and her brother-in-law, Marco, were all born and raised on Elba. 

Their passion for Elba was strong and they remained committed to creating something  lasting that celebrated and enriched the place they proudly call home.  

In the ruins of a shipwreck found on Elba that dated back to the 2nd century, archeologists  discovered a pristine ivory statuette that served as the watertight lid of an ancient  perfume bottle discovered in wreckage. This remarkable discovery was the final spark  that ignited Fabio’s passion for history and design and inspired him to create a fitting  legacy for Elba. Together, Fabio, Chiara and Marco, launched Acqua dell’Elba – a modern  Tuscan-based brand that, through its fragrances, celebrates Elba’s rich history and  natural beauty and shares it with the world.

Acqua Dell’Elba creates fragrances that immediately transport you to one of the most  memorable and beautiful places on Earth — the island of Elba. Elba is the largest island in  the Tuscan Archipelago and is often described as the secret island of Tuscany because of  its natural beauty and its peaceful spirituality. 

The sights, sounds and smells of this beloved place are so unique to Elba that the island  itself serves as the singular inspiration for Acqua Dell-Elba’s exquisite collection of  fragrance, body and bath products.

All personal and home fragrances are mixed by hand in the workshop in Marciana Marina.  From the mixing of the oils and essences to the bottling and packaging, each process is  carried out by passionate local artisans and shipped all over the world.  

From its humble beginnings in a single shop to a thriving brand found throughout Italy &  Europe alongside some of the most recognised Italian luxury brands, Acqua dell’Elba is  an unquestioned success story. 

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